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Rulebook 1 warp 5 player colony markers 1 hyperspace gate 25 player planets 100 plastic ships 50 alien ships 20 destiny cards 72 cosmic cards 50 flare cards 20 techs cards 42 cosmic tokens 7 grudge tokens 1 genesis planet 1 lunar cannon token 1 Prometheus token 1 alternate filch flare

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D: 7, W: 29.8, L: 29.8


Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games, Game Length: 60-120 minutes, Players: 3-5, Complexity: Average

Critical Opinion

"The end result is a game with effortlessly entertaining card play, intense negotiation and laugh-out-loud funny occurrences every five minutes, where no two games will ever play out the same way. " - EuroGamer
"Cosmic Encounter defies a simple "rating system.". It is truly the game of infinite possibilities, and there is simply no other game like it on the market!" - boardgamereviews.net

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Rotate Left Mouse Hold, Pan Right Mouse Hold, Zoom Scroll Wheel

Cosmic Encounter

WHAT What is the main theme, story or key idea?
Cosmic Encounter places 2-5 players as leaders of alien races hell-bent on galactic domination as they attempt to bluff, negotiate or pillage their way to five foreign colonies on other players’ home worlds.
HOWHow do the key mechanics and ideas work?
The object of the game is to establish colonies in other players' planetary systems and players take their turns attempting to achieve this goal. The winners (yes there can be more than one winner!) are the first players to have five colonies on any planets outside his or her home system.
WHY Why is Cosmic Encounter worth your time?
Cosmic Encounter is a simple game that gives players the tools to create fun and silly scenarios whilst lying and cheating their way to success. Its a galactic epic that is light-hearted and fun to play due to the huge variety of powers the various alien species can have.

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