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1 temple board 1 islands board 96 cards 1 round tracker 8 dice and 108 die faces 4 hero inventories 4 hero pawns 20 resource markers 4 chest tiles 4 chest tiles 20 tokens 1 first player token 1 hero aid rule book

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1.233 kg

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D: 7.5, W: 28.5, L: 28.5


Publisher: Libellud, Game Length: 40-60 minutes, Players: 2-4, Complexity: Average

Critical Opinion

"this is a well-designed game that gives players many options yet remains accessible to the family market" - Opionated Gamers
" It’s fun and light and aiming for that entry level lighter gamer level." - Polyhedron Collider

3D Box Preview

Rotate Left Mouse Hold, Pan Right Mouse Hold, Zoom Scroll Wheel

Dice Forge

WHAT What is the main theme, story or key idea?
The Gods are hosting a grand tournament where its participants are competing to be declared a demi-god. To attain this glorious reward, players will roll magic dice to gain resources and upgrade their initially basic dice by attaching new faces which make them more powerful - increasing your chances of success.
HOWHow do the key mechanics and ideas work?
To play Dice Forge, players will all roll their dice to try and activate some of the cards in their hand. Next, players will choose whether to spend gold to purchase more powerful dice faces which will improve their rolls or extra cards which each feature bonus abilities and help you to gain victory points. At the end of a players turn, if they have two sun shards leftover, they can be spent to gain an additional action.
WHY Why is Dice Forge worth your time?
Dice Forge is a very original game which features fun mechanical opportunities such as making other players dice worse or filling your dice with high numbers to improve your rewards for successful rolls. It’s a satisfyingly tactile game which pioneers the dice building genre and genuinely - feels refreshing and new.

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