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Game board of Colditz castle 2 dice round marker 16 black pawns 5 sets of 8 pawns representing different nationalities 5 sets of escape attempt markers 16 security cards 47 opportunity cards 27 escape equipment cards 5 escape kit cards 5 do or die cards

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2.048 kg

Dimensions (cm)

D: 7, W: 42, L: 29


Publisher: Osprey Games, Game Length: 90-150 minutes, Players: 2-6, Complexity: Average

Critical Opinion

"Escape from Colditz remains a fun and fascinating – if unforgiving – way to understand and appreciate an important real-life event. " - Table Top Gaming
" Escape from Colditz is simply superb" - Geek Sleep Rinse Repeat

Escape From Colditz

WHAT What is the main theme, story or key idea?
In this deluxe edition of the iconic game set during WW2, 2 – 6 players will take the role of either Allied prisoners, or German security officers as the two sides plot against each other in the now legendary cat and mouse game of Escape from Colditz.
HOWHow do the key mechanics and ideas work?
Escape from Colditz is a dice rolling point management game. The goal for allied escape officers is to help as many POW’s to escape Colditz Castle as they can and this is done through scavenging escape equipment, managing opportunities and planning potential escape routes. The security officers on the other hand will be hoping to prevent escapes through patrolling the castle and arresting any prisoners who try to escape or are caught with contraband. If two allied officers from the same nation belonging to the same player escape; that player will win. If they escape officers fail to meet this goal within a certain number of rounds – the security officers will win.
WHY Why is Escape From Colditz worth your time?
Colditz is an established classic that was originally designed by a POW of Colditz Castle and as a result the attention to detail and thematic design of the game is really impressive. It’s a tense, nail-biting experience and this deluxe edition is beautifully remastered polishing the original gaming without changing what made it so special.

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