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Card Game
City building
Dice Rolling
Card Drafting

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16 starting landmark cards 8 starting establishment cards 12 major establishment cards 72 establishment cards 42 one coins 24 five coins 12 ten coins 2 six-sided dice 1 rule book

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D: 7, W: 23.5, L: 23.5


Publisher: IDW Games, Game Length: 30-45 minutes, Players: 2-4, Complexity: Average

Critical Opinion

"Machi Koro is quick, light and approachable." - The Guardian
"I’d definitely recommend Machi Koro to anyone who wants a game that’s fun and quick" - Alpha Signal Five

3D Box Preview

Rotate Left Mouse Hold, Pan Right Mouse Hold, Zoom Scroll Wheel

Machi Koro

WHAT What is the main theme, story or key idea?
Machi Koro is a Japanese card game where players take up the role of the recently elected mayor of the city of Machi Koro. With a limited budget and demanding citizens it will be the players job to expand and build their cities. Do you have what it takes to truly put the city of Machi Koro on the map?
HOWHow do the key mechanics and ideas work?
On a players turn they will roll the dice and then depending on their roll, invest in a variety of establishments which can vary from Café’s to Stadiums depending on the type of city players wish to build. However, 2 – 4 players will be competing against the clock to grab the establishments they want and the first player to build 4 special landmark cards is the winner.
WHY Why is Machi Koro worth your time?
The game is a fast paced and light-hearted introduction to drafting games that is rewarding to play. There is a huge variety of tactics available to players to achieve their goals leading to tense, competitive games. The overall design of the cards and box also features a cute Japanese art style that is very visually appealing.

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