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84 coin tokens 60 cards 68 plastic crystals 1 main board 1 day marker 6 experience tokens 1 cloth bags 5 player boards 1 rule book

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D: 7, W: 19, L: 28


Publisher: FunBox Jogos, Game Length: 45-60 minutes, Players: 45-60, Complexity: Easy

Critical Opinion

"This is the kind of push-your-luck tension and potential for backstabbery that makes light games memorable." - Board Game Quest
"With a high amount of luck, it’s a game that’s suited well for families; kids and adults stand equal chances of winning" - Geek Dad


WHAT What is the main theme, story or key idea?
Quartz see’s 3 – 5 Dwarves discover a mine that is home to a variety of valuable crystals. As a group the dwarves have decided to make a wager on who can claim the mine - the dwarf who extracts and sells crystals for the most profit will be victorious!
HOWHow do the key mechanics and ideas work?
Players take it in turns performing one of three actions; mining a crystal by drawing one random crystal card, playing an action card or leaving the mine (which can provide a bravery bonus dependent on the timing of the action). At the beginning of each round a number of cards and coins are placed on the main board and these make up the bravery bonus. If players push their luck too far, accidents can occur which will result in losing all of the crystals which had been gained in that round. There are five rounds of play and after which all players count their riches to determine the winner.
WHY Why is Quartz worth your time?
It’s quick, easy to play and has barely any downtime. Quartz is a smartly designed light game with simple mechanics and a very clear turn flow that makes it suitable for players of all ages (and those who are new to tabletop!)

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