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1 spaceship board 10 action board in 5 colours 7 trajectory boards 1 mission steps board 10 plastic figures 75 plastic blocks in 6 colours 1 blue cylinder 3 green cylinders 90 action cards 6 heroic action cards 55 threat cards 18 damage tiles 26 internal threat tokens 16 numbered tokens 1 mp3 cd with 16 soundtracks 1 ships log 1 rule book 1 how to become a space explorer handbook

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D: 7, W: 32, L: 23


Publisher: Czech Games Edition, Game Length: 1-5 minutes, Players: 1-5, Complexity: Average

Critical Opinion

"There is nothing out there like it and it’s an amazing amount of fun." - Board Game Quest
"It’s an incredible experience!" - No High Scores

Space Alert

WHAT What is the main theme, story or key idea?
Space Alert is a cooperative team survival game where 1 - 5 players form a crew of space explorers piloting a ship into a dangerous sector of the galaxy. The crews task – to defend the ship until their mission is complete.
HOWHow do the key mechanics and ideas work?
Each member of the crew has a different role to play in maintaining the ship and making sure that the team survives the 12 rounds of play. Threats can include interstellar monsters and aggressive battle ships; and each type of threat will require a unique strategy to achieve success. The ship is comprised of several different areas such as the central reactor, the bridge and the pulse cannons. Each area can take a maximum of six damage so it’s important to make the most of powering shields to deflect damage. It’s equally vital to keep the ship reactors running so that they can keep producing power to fuel a variety of ship functions such as cannons and shields.
WHY Why is Space Alert worth your time?
One of the biggest selling points of the game is that it includes a CD which provides an immersive atmosphere for gaming (as well as practically keeping track of rounds and providing instructions to players.) The game itself is a challenging experience that will put even the most experienced gamers brains to the test.

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