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Action Point Allownace
Area Control
Point to Point Movement
Variable Player Powers

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200 invader cubes 41 defender soldiers 20 resource tokens 20 hourglass tokens 23 wall segment tokens 2 hero tokens 9 cauldron tokens 42 shooting cards 23 invader cards 10 defense plan cards 2 trebuchet tiles 3 ballista tiles 3 catapult tiles 3 cover tiles 3 siege tower tiles 9 training tiles 15 equipment tiles 15 magic tiles 5 order tiles 1 round token 3 defenders order tiles 9 traps 9 tower tiles 2 cathedral tiles 1 malfunctio tile 3 spy tiles 8 defender action tiles 1 board 1 cloth bag 1 rule book

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D: 7, W: 29, L: 29


Publisher: Stronghold Games, Game Length: 90-115 minutes, Players: 2-2, Complexity: Hard

Critical Opinion

"The theme and perspective on play is engaging." - Board Game Quest
"Stronghold is a visually stunning game, with unique non-symmetric game mechanics that successfully bridge the gap between different game style" - Nerd Bloggers

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Rotate Left Mouse Hold, Pan Right Mouse Hold, Zoom Scroll Wheel

Stronghold 2nd edition

WHAT What is the main theme, story or key idea?
Stronghold is a competitive game for two players where the defending player will attempt to fortify their castle against the invading other player and their infinite army of creatures.
HOWHow do the key mechanics and ideas work?
There are seven turns in a game of stronghold and each turn consists of a series of actions by both players which ultimately leads to an assault. The invader will utilise resources to play action cards – however each action takes time represented by hourglass symbols. The length of the defending players turn is dependent on how many hourglasses have been placed by the attacker – making conflict feel very reactive. These hourglasses are spent by the attacker on a variety of actions such as constructing buildings and moving forces within the stronghold. After this, the assault begins - firstly with ranged combat and then swiftly followed by melee combat. As soon as one of the strongholds walls have been breached, the defending forces are overwhelmed and the invading player has won the game.
WHY Why is Stronghold 2nd edition worth your time?
Stronghold does an excellent job of creating two very different roles to play – all whilst nailing its theme which is satisfyingly implemented in the games mechanics. As the defender, you truly feel under threat making victories feel glorious; whilst attacking is a fun experience due to the control you have over the other players turns.

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