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13 monster cards 4 player 8 success cards 28 tiles rule booklet

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Publisher: iello, Game Length: 20-30 minutes, Players: 2-4, Complexity: Easy

Critical Opinion

"It’s easy to learn, looks beautiful, and combines quick play with tough choices" - Geek Dad
"Welcome to the Dungeon is a quick fun game that will quickly become addictive once you play it. " - Domestic Geek Blog

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Rotate Left Mouse Hold, Pan Right Mouse Hold, Zoom Scroll Wheel

Welcome to the Dungeon

WHAT What is the main theme, story or key idea?
Welcome to the Dungeon is a competitive card based adventure game for 2 – 4 players. In each round, one player is forced to enter a mysterious dungeon which has the potential to feature a variety of monsters and deadly demons which must be overcome with the help of a diminishing selection of equipment.
HOWHow do the key mechanics and ideas work?
On a player’s turn, they will draw a monster card in secret and have to decide whether to put that monster in the dungeon or banish it from the round at the expense of sacrificing a piece of valuable equipment which is used to defeat specific foes. With the knowledge of a specific monster’s inclusion, players will then be able to plan and decide whether they wish to enter the dungeon or force another player to enter at their doom. It only takes two victories to win the game but entering any dungeon is risky as two defeats will result in a player being eliminated.
WHY Why is Welcome to the Dungeon worth your time?
Welcome to the Dungeon has surprisingly deep risk/reward mechanics alongside unique and very different playable characters creating an experience that is easy to pick up and play. Players can expect a bluffing game where any move has the potential to backfire if they are forced to enter their own deadly dungeon.

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