Can I cancel an order?

Providing your order isn’t marked as dispatched, you can cancel any time without a problem. If  your order has been sent out we can still help, but you’ll need to send it back through our returns system instead!

When will my order be dispatched?

If you placed your order before 1pm Monday to Friday, then your order will be dispatched the same day. Orders placed after 1pm or on the weekend will be dispatched the next working day.

When is your customer services open?

You can raise a problem with us any time, but our standard hours are 9am-6pm Monday to Friday. You can contact customer services using email or via our live chat system here:

What does ‘Beta’ mean?

Currently the store is brand new, and we’re still working on a lot of different features and tweaks to the site, so things may change quickly! It also means that our full range of products won’t be live just yet, but we’ll be adding a range of new titles every week. However, all our most important sections of the site such as checkout are safe, tested and secure.

Will you be shipping to other countries?

We hope to eventually ship to most of mainland Europe! We have no plans to ship to the United States or Canada right now.

Will you be selling X board game?

Unlike some sites, we only add games we think are worth your time and money, based on news, reviews, previews, playtests and the history of a publisher. We won’t be stocking every single new release, but we do plan to stock all new expansions of games we currently stock, and we intend to increase our catalogue very often.

Will you be selling collectible card games such as Pokémon?

Our plan for the immediate future is to focus on board games. We’ll be working on eventually stocking CCGs, but we want to make sure we do so with the same care and attention we’re paying to our board game pages, which requires some extra work!

Can I use your photos on my site?

Yes! All our photographs have been taken by the team here at Playopolis. Providing your site doesn’t sell board games (advertising is fine), we’re happy for you to use our pictures providing you supply a credit and link back to our site.

Will you add X feature?

Maybe! Our website is created entirely from scratch and our goal is to make the ultimate board game store. We’ve got a huge list of features we plan to implement to make the site more fun, friendly and helpful, but if you’ve got an idea, do get in touch!

Do you store card details?

If you have an account, we use a service to store the details of your primary card so you can easily checkout next time - no card details are stored on our own servers.